New Bread Recipe!

Always wanting to offer you the best products we can, we’ve made it our mission to develop a softer bread, perfect for sandwiches that still makes delicious, crisp toast… the best of both!

Added goodness

Not only is it softer, our bread is now high fibre, low fat and a source of calcium, iron and folic acid.

“Including high fibre foods at breakfast and lunch is important to ensure that we have a steady release of energy throughout the day. Two slices at breakfast and lunch is an excellent way of getting this essential nutrient into your daily diet.” Cirian-Marie Beddoes, Registered Dietitian and Juvela Product Specialist.

toast and marmalade

A healthy choice for children 

Getting children to eat healthily can be a challenge at the best of times, and even more so when following a gluten-free diet.  Our new white variety long-life bread has no bits, no flecks, just delicious high fibre, white slices for soft lunch box sandwiches and crisp toasted soldiers!

Longlife white sliced loaf  White Sliced Loaf

Longlife Fibre sliced loaf Fibre Sliced Loaf

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